Why Study in Switzerland for Indian Students is the best career option to make after 12th

  • Top Third country in the World 

Switzerland- the land of the Alps and Lindt Chocolates. When we think of Switzerland the first thing to pop into our heads might not be the Impeccable Education System, but it is definitely a major factor that contributes in making Switzerland statistically the #3 Best country in the world. 
Hence, it’s not surprising that many Indian parents have started considering Study in Switzerland for Indian Students, the best career option to make in recent times. 

  • The Impeccable Education System 

Swiss Schools and Colleges have consistently ranked among the Top 3 best education institutes in the world for decades now. The education system is globally recognized and revered. The approach is a well-rounded one, with equal emphasis being placed on theoretical and practical knowledge. Swiss schools are notorious for being technologically advanced with courses that are relevant in the contemporary world, with the perfect intermingling of the traditional Swiss Hospitality Rules.

The education costs are also fairly humble when compared to other European Countries. Many distinguished Swiss public universities have tuition fees that don’t exceed 1000 CHF, or 1100 USD.

  • Lucrative Salaries and Low Unemployment Rates. 

Among the OECD countries, Switzerland ranks second for average annual wages with 62,300 CHF. The country boasts low unemployment rates, it was only 4.87% in 2019. Most colleges and universities in Switzerland have affiliations with many global companies that makes having your dream career in Switzerland after graduation much easier. Studying in Switzerland can open many doors for an individual on the career front. 

Hence, having an International Education Experience in Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the wisest choices students can make for their educational future. Its distinguished and decentralised education system, financial aid options and scholarships, numerous job opportunities, lucrative salaries, and the gorgeous scenery are just some of the reasons that make Study in Switzerland for Indian Students an intelligent choice to make.

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