Why Should You Look for Donut Load Cells From the United Kingdom?


Donut load cells belong to a class of force transducers. By converting force into an electrical signal, it has wide-ranging applications. They’re sturdy enough to use in submersible environments, too. So, you can use them in nearly any industry, from submarines to nuclear plants.

High Accuracy and Durability

There are two things to consider when picking donut load cells. First, they must be durable, so they’ll work where needed. Otherwise, excessive pressure could crumple them. Once you’ve made them sturdy, accuracy is the next item of consideration. Modern load cells tend to be much more accurate than ones made in the past. So, you won’t have any signal aberrations while taking measurements with them.

Compact Design With a Pass Thru Sensor

Assuming they’re durable and accurate, their design is next. Most load cells need to work in tight quarters without a ton of extra room available. So, they’ve designed them to be rather slim, making them easy to place anywhere. Their sensors also pass through them. That’s why the wires aren’t an issue when it comes to placement.

Wide Range of Measurements

A 5 lb weight is heavy enough to trigger most load cells. But, they’re able to hold much more without breaking. Some of them have weight tolerances of up to 50,000 lbs. So, you can put almost anything on them without worrying.

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