Why should I use real estate management in Greensboro?

Real Estate

Once you have made the move into investment property, you are assuming many responsibilities.  Managing property is very different than managing any other investment; it takes a lot of time and makes use of a lot of distinct skills.  If you lack the time or the expertise needed to manage your property day-to-day, then you can benefit greatly by placing your property into the hands of effective real estate management in Greensboro.

An experienced property management company can provide you with the following:

  • Market the rental property to minimize vacancies and maximize income
  • Select the best possible tenants who will adhere to the terms of the lease
  • Maintain and repair the property so that it stays in the best possible condition
  • Determine profitability by tracking income and expenses
  • Negotiate leases
  • Collect the rent and take responsibility for security deposits
  • Act in full compliance with Federal, State and Local laws pertaining to income property
  • Respond to tenant complaints
  • Deal with problem tenants

Effective real estate management in Greensboro knows the truth about rental property.  The truth is, the property must have responsible tenants who pay the rent and care for the property, and the property must be kept to a high standard for the lowest possible cost.  The property manager can help you with this through effective property marketing, impartial tenant screening, lease negotiation, and maintenance management.  They make the collection of rents as streamlined as possible, and they deal with the maintenance people who are most suitable for the property.

Maintenance is the major expense associated with rental property, and the control of maintenance costs can go a long way in enhancing the profitability of the unit.  Most responsible property management companies will ask for bids from companies that provide waste and garbage removal, landscaping, janitorial, and other services.  Once the proposals are received, the manager will review them and select the company that gives the best service for the least cost.  They continue to monitor the performance of the contractors, and if complaints are lodged, they take quick corrective action.  If specialist skills are required, such as plumbers or electricians, the manager also contracts these services.

The financial and administrative details are very important and professional property managers handle all the details.  They ensure collection of the rent and payment of all obligations, and then they quickly deposit the balance into the owners account.  Professional real estate management in Greensboro has skilled staff that prepares financial statements and operating reports for the owner’s use.  The operating reports provide the full status of the property, including the dates of lease expiration and photos of the property.

Investment property owners who wish to engage the services of the best real estate management in Greensboro need to look no further than the offices of Real Property Management – Triad.  Call 336-355-6677 and talk to the pros; you will be glad you did.