Why Regular Furnace Maintenance Is a Must in Colorado Springs, CO

HVAC Contractor

It is easy to for homeowners to forget about their heating and cooling system unless there is a problem, or they get sticker shock when they open up their utility bills for the month. An HVAC system is only going to be as good as it can be if it is maintained properly. When a unit is not maintained, it is inefficient. This can lead to increased utility bills, and it can cause the unit to need frequent repairs. It can also lead to an early death of the heating and cooling system.

When Should a Furnace Be Maintained?

Ideally, a homeowner will get furnace maintenance in Colorado Springs in the fall, before the heating system is turned on. This will help to ensure that it is fully functional for those cold winter months.

What Happens During Furnace Maintenance?

During furnace maintenance in Colorado Springs, a HVAC technician will come out and inspect the entire system. If a homeowner has both an indoor and outdoor unit, they will look those over well. If a homeowner has a different kind of system, they will also be thoroughly inspected. Air filters may be cleaned during this time. If the coil on the system is dirty, or the furnace itself is dirty, it will also be cleaned.

The technician will also look for signs of issues with functionality. This includes testing the thermostat. Once the furnace has been checked out, the technician will alert the homeowner to any issues.

Regular furnace maintenance in Colorado Springs can help to prevent problems with not having heat during the winter. It will also help a homeowner to save money on their utility bills.