Why living in a luxury condo is a desirable way to live

Real Estate

When it comes to purchasing a home buyers are torn between luxury condos in NYC, townhouses and single family homes. There are many reasons that support all the arguments as to why one is better than the others. The choice that an individual or a family makes is very much based on their unique circumstances; let’s discuss why luxury condos are appealing to many potential home buyers.

There are many reasons why condo living is a better choice than a single family home for example. As everyone who is contemplating purchasing their own home, it would be difficult indeed to name all the reasons but, there are a few that everyone can agree on. Let’s have a look at the top five reasons given by those that live in luxury condos in NYC.

Maintenance: In a condo, the owner is not burdened with any maintenance outside of his own home. If the grass needs cutting, it gets cut; if the snow needs shoveling in the winter, it happens. Maintenance for most people consists of two things; time and aggravation. When you elect to purchase a condo gone are the days when finding a reliable plumber is your responsibility, high end condo developments look after everything, either with an on-site handyman or they know the best person to call.

Amenities: High end luxury condos in NYC are well outfitted with shared amenities. In most cases your days of having to drive to the gym are over, all you have to do is walk to the well appointed exercise room and pool in your building.

Social environment: This reason is tied closely to the fact that there are numerous shared amenities. These amenities create a golden opportunity to meet people. If you live in a single family home you naturally feel a sense of community. Living in a condo is no different, you run into the same people which creates a sense of being part of an active community.

Security: Luxury condos in NYC are locked to people other than the residents. Most complexes require a key to enter the building while others have full time doormen and staff that let residents and their guests in.

Convenience: Most luxury condos in NYC are located in great areas of the city. Living in a condo in the Upper East Side for example puts you close to many fine restaurants and shops as well as amenities such as parks and museums. If you want to sit in a corner coffee shop with a friend or take your wife to a fine dining restaurant, when you live in a luxury condo in the city you don’t have to go far.

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