A backup generator ensures a home or business has access to electricity even when the primary power grid experiences service issues. Though most big-box hardware stores sell Power Generators in Chicago Heights IL, installing one is not for the faint of heart and requires expert knowledge of power systems and circuitry. A licensed electrician will provide the following services, which will allow anyone to buy a generator that will meet their needs and ensure access to a reliable source of power.

System Design

The size generator needed depends on a variety of factors, including the number of outlets that will be powered and the amount of electricity that each connected item will require for operation. An electrician will work with the owner of a building to create a system that will ensure any connected appliances operate without issue and there will be minimal disruption during a power outage event.

Dedicated Bypass Breaker Panel

Power Generators in Chicago Heights IL require a separate circuit breaker, which prevents issues associated with power surges and allows the device to provide electricity to selected outlets within a home or business. Most local municipalities require any updates to a circuit breaker to be conducted by a certified electrician, which not only keeps the system operating correctly but ensures a building is up to code and free from safety issues.

Regular System Inspection

Though most generator systems operate with few maintenance requirements, all systems should be inspected on an annual basis to ensure the device is running as efficiently as possible and to ward off potential safety issues. The maintenance process may differ depending on the manufacturer of the equipment, but a licensed electrician will have the tools and the knowledge needed to inspect any generator and keep it operating reliably.

When the main power grid fails, it often leaves individuals in disarray. Talk to the experts at Bates Electric and learn more about the benefits of utilizing a quality generator as a source of backup power. Click Here to learn more or call today and take the first step in keeping any residential or commercial property powered during a full-scale outage.