Why it is Important to Hire a Lifeguard in Long Island

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hire a lifeguard in Long IslandWhen it comes to fun in Long Island, there is hardly anyway one could take one’s eyes of fun in and around water. Thanks to the fact that it is an island state, there is no dearth of spots to have fun with water. And the culture is so strongly centered around the idea that pool parties too are on the up rise. That is exactly why it is of utmost importance to hire a lifeguard in Long Island.

Who is a lifeguard?

While everyone has some level of idea about a lifeguard, nobody is completely aware of the detailed functions of one. And unless you know what all a lifeguard can do, it is unlikely to understand the true impact and requirement of a lifeguard. A lifeguard is a person who runs surveillance for any potential threat in and around water. He/ she is trained in the art of surveillance and emergency response and is equipped with required skills to resolve an emergency scenario. Some of his/ her skills would include ability to use a first aid kit professionally, trained expertise in CPR/ AED etc.

Why is a lifeguard required?

It is very easy to fall prey to the idea that you do not need a lifeguard; after all, you are well trained in swimming. So nothing is going to happen to you. And as long as family and/ or friends are concerned, you could always take care of them when the need arises as you are great at swimming, is it not? So why should you hire a lifeguard in Long Island when you can do it yourself?

Well, it is one of the most dangerous and misleading notions possible. A lifeguard is not a designated person for emergency response only because he/ she is an excellent swimmer. True, he/ she is trained specially in swimming, but there are particular exercises that one has to go through in order to be able to save a drowning person. And that is just one of his/ her skill sets.

The swimming skill would not come in handy if the issue is not spotted in time and responded to as soon as possible. Further, even if a drowning person is pulled out from water, he/ she is hardly saved; usually there are further procedures required. The special training required for those procedures are installed within a lifeguard and that is why they are able to help you. Besides, there are threats other than drowning that could arise; and they are duly trained for those threats to be encountered too.

Even if you are aware of CPR and first aid, remember only knowing them is not enough. Old tricks learnt fade over time if not practiced regularly. A professionally certified lifeguard has to go through regular periodic re-certification process in order to ensure that he/ she is always at his/ her best, as even a minor lapse on his/ her part could result in a disaster. So it is only wise to hire a lifeguard in Long Island if you have plans of having fun anywhere around or in the water in order to ensure safety at its best.