Why Individuals in River Hills WI Should Visit a Dentist Regularly


About 50 years ago, there were no specific guidelines that people could follow as to how often they should visit a dentist. In many cases, both dentists and people focused on fixing dental issues as opposed to preventing them. Nowadays, there are guidelines that individuals can follow in order to prevent dental problems and keep their teeth in the best shape possible.

Visiting a dentist in River Hills, WI, twice a year is something that will work well for most individuals. There are actually some people who can get away with visiting a dentist just once a year. Of course, there are others who need to request an appointment for more frequent visits. Individuals who would need to see a dentist more frequently than others would include people who have current gum disease, diabetics, smokers, and those with a weakened immune response. Also, people who tend to get a buildup of plaque or cavities should visit the dentist twice a year or more.

One of the reasons why it is so important to request an appointment on a regular basis, at least twice a year for most people, is because a person is not likely to experience pain or see visible signs that their teeth need help until the issues are in more advanced stages. This would include things like gum disease, oral cancer, and cavities. However, if your dentist in River Hills, WI, can make a diagnosis early, treatment is usually more simple and less expensive.

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