Why hot water carpet cleaning is better

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In general, people are either in their homes or offices almost three quarters of their time, because of this it is extremely important that dirt, dust and other pollutants are removed regularly. There are a number of ways to undertake carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach but none is as good as the hot water extraction method.

There is a hundred times the number of pollutants indoors vs. outdoors; all surfaces must be kept clean including the floors and carpets. Of course daily vacuuming and spot cleaning is being done, keeping dust, dirt and abrasive grime off the surface of a carpet is important to prolonging the life expectancy. Getting deeper into the carpet fibers removes much more than simple vacuuming; dust mites, pollen, pet hair and other minute debris slowly work their way into any carpet, even becoming embedded in the fibers. Everyone is guilty of tracking dirt and grime into the home but children and pets can make the situation worse, they simply don’t wipe their feet. Regardless of how well you vacuum, dirt and grime will become embedded deep in the carpet, this is the target of carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach.

Carpet shampooing has been used for years and there is no reason to think it will ever go away as a method. Shampooing is quick and is most suited for dealing with small stains or areas which are subjected to a considerable amount of foot traffic.

Hot water cleaning makes use of quite sophisticated equipment that “shoots” extremely hot water deep into the fibers of the carpet. This approach to carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach assures that bacteria, mites, germs, etc are adequately dealt with. The water application can be controlled with the wand that is used, in this way there is little possibility of damaging the carpet or the under pad. The wand that is used is dual-purpose, it shoots water under pressure into the carpet, it also sucks up any excess water and along with it, the dirt and other contaminates. This method of carpet cleaning helps to reduce odors and allergens, it also greatly enhances the overall appearance of the carpet; the colors are brighter without doing any damage. Because the water is suctioned off the carpet immediately the drying time is considerably less than other methods. The drying time is important because dirtying the carpet is less likely when it is dry.

It is very important to regularly clean the carpets in your home and office. It is a fact that the hot water extraction method is the superior approach to carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach. To learn more you are invited to contact the specialists, Dry-N-Clean