Why Does Parking Lot Striping Matter?

Construction and Maintenance

The good news is that the recently purchased retail building includes a parking lot adjacent to the store. Unfortunately, the lot is not in the best condition. After having the parking lot repaved, there is a decision to make about the Parking Lot Striping. Should the owner have it striped for parking spaces or leave it as is? Here are some reasons to seriously consider the former.

Adding Order to the Parking Lot

While it may work fine to forget about Parking Lot Striping if the store owner does not anticipate more than a few cars being in the lot at any given time, think of what would happen around a holiday or during a sale. All of a sudden, people are trying to find a place to park and there is nothing available. That is because the cars already in the lot did not park in the most efficient manner. Frustrated, those other customers leave and the business owner loses a sale.

Contrast that with a parking lot that is carefully striped to create the maximum number of parking spaces. The capacity of the lot will be greater, so more people can actually find a place to park and come into the store to do their holiday shopping or check out the items on sale. As a result, the owner enjoys more foot traffic to the store and a potential increase in sales.

Preventing Damage to Vehicles

Liability issues are also a good reason to arrange for the striping. A professional can design a layout for the parking spaces that allows plenty of room for drivers to maneuver their cars around the space. Without the striping, the chances of someone darting across the expanse and getting involved in a minor accident are increased. While the two drivers may focus on each other, it is a possibility that at least one will talk to a lawyer about any liability the parking lot owner may have in regard to the accident.

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