Why Do You Need to See the Emergency Dentist in Millville for Tooth Infections?


When you are experiencing a tooth infection, you may not be aware right at first. Tooth infections often start out small, but they can quickly become severe and may spread to other teeth and your gum tissue. You need to make sure you know the signs of tooth infections, so you can be prepared for when you need to seek dental treatment through the Emergency Dentist in Millville. The sooner you seek treatment for your infection, the better the chances of you making a full recovery. This can help you to prevent damage to your tooth and will help to prevent tooth loss.

The symptoms of tooth infections start off mild and may go unnoticed right away. You will soon notice you have swelling in the gum tissue around your tooth. You will also notice redness, bleeding, pus drainage and pain. As the tooth infection worsens, you may begin running a fever and experiencing swelling in your jaw.

To treat the infection, the Emergency Dentist in Millville will give you strong antibiotics. Tooth infections are often difficult to treat, because they can become so severe. Through antibiotic therapy, the infection will hopefully begin to respond. In some cases, a root canal is needed to clean the infected tooth.. This is done through an opening made in the tooth. The inner portions are then cleaned out and the tooth is packed with medication, until the infection is completely healed. This process can take several weeks.

If you notice the signs of infection, make sure you visit Millville Family Dental the emergency dentist care in Millville as soon as possible. Whether you end up needing a root canal or antibiotics help, the dentist will work to protect your tooth health and prevent the spread of infection.

Whether you are in need of emergency dental services or are interested in learning more about Cosmetic Dentistry, you can visit Millvillefamilydental.com. They provide a wide array of dental services for your entire family, so you can have the dental treatment you need. This will protect the health of your smile and keep it looking beautiful throughout your life.