Why Copper Scrap Metal Recycling in Baltimore Is So Important


People who buy residential property that is being sold to settle an estate may find a lot of old junk left behind. In some instances, the real estate agency pays for a home cleanout, but the property may be listed as is for a fast sale. A facility for Scrap Metal Recycling in Baltimore will appreciate receiving all the aluminum, steel, copper and iron items that the new owners find and do not want.

There may be junk metal in the backyard consisting of stuff the previous owners didn’t want in the house. If the land outside of a municipality and there is an acre or more, the new owners can thoroughly explore and see if any scrap metal is lurking in hiding places, such as behind wood piles or groves of trees.

The Recycling of Copper Items

U.S. residents are generally most familiar with the demand for used aluminum since they know they can take beverage cans to various places and get cash for the load. A facility that handles scrap metal recycling in Baltimore pays a pretty penny for copper too. The price of copper tends to fluctuate more than that for aluminum, but people can expect to receive a fair amount for items like old copper pipes, broken well pumps and dented leaky kettles.

Global Production

The United States ranks high globally for copper production with more than 2 million tons annually. That’s second only to Chile. And about half of the U.S. copper production each year comes from recycled materials, making it clear how important the used metal is to the world economy. Copper is used extensively in electronic products because this metal is an excellent conductor of electricity. Its effective ability to conduct heat makes it useful in furnaces and vehicle radiators.

Advantages of Copper Recycling

When people bring scrap copper to facilities such as Mid-Atlantic Metals, they help manufacturers keep prices lower for consumers, since mining for new copper and refining the material costs significantly more. As with aluminum, recycling the metal is beneficial for reducing the footprint of mining on the Earth. Browse our website for information on this particular organization.