Why Call Termites Exterminators in Wellington, Florida?

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Pest Control

Homeowners, commercial and industrial building owners, and property managers need to call Termites Exterminators Wellington Florida as soon as they suspect an issue. In fact, having an inspection completed annually as a preventative measure is a wise idea. Termites create massive amounts of damage and are not typically covered by standard property insurance.

Damage Done

Termites chew constantly and can quickly weaken a structure by destroying building frames, floor joists, walls, and support beams. The damage happens so fast because termites live in massive colonies, with many colonies often living in the same space. They survive for many years and multiply fast. Most owners do not have any idea there is a termite issue until major damage is visible.


Knowing how to identify the signs of possible termite infestations allows owners the opportunity to become aware of their presence earlier. As soon as an infestation is suspected, call Termites Exterminators Wellington Florida for a free pest control inspection. Buckling wood, swollen floors, and small holes in wood furniture are signs of termites.

Another sign is often overlooked because it appears like slight water damage. If floors, ceilings, walls, or window sills look like they have water damage, it is possible the actual problem is termites. There have been cases of people calling a plumber thinking there is a small leak only to discover they have termites.

Professional Extermination

Do not attempt to deal with the problem alone. Most home remedies and over-the-counter sprays do not work. One of the main reasons is that there are several types of termites. The specific species has to be identified before extermination efforts will be successful.

Experienced Termites Exterminators Wellington Florida, such as Above & Beyond Pest Control in Wellington Florida, will know the precise procedures to eliminate the termites in the building. It is also crucial to make sure the entire infestation is gone. Leaving one or two termites behind will simply reduce the problem for the short-term instead of eradicating the problem permanently.

Restoration may have to be completed after termite damage. The professional can assess the amount of damage done and make recommendations for restoring the stability and safety of the building.

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