Why Are Fire Backs Important

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Hunters firebackFor a long time, fire backs have been in use. These are basically pieces of metal that are usually placed against the back wall of fireplaces. The backs come in handy in protecting the masonry as they also reflect the heat back thus maintaining warmth in the house. The fire backs help in maintaining the integrity of the walls surrounding the fireplace. This will reduce the need for constant repairs thus enhancing the appeal of your home. The backs are made in such a manner that they are glittering.

What materials are mainly utilized in making fire backs? Mainly, the backs are made from traditional cast iron. Others are made from metals such as stainless steel. The designs vary and most of them have historically inspired designs. The style and the design of the fire back you choose for your house may depend on certain factors. To begin with, you need to choose a fire back that compliments the style and the décor of your home. As you choose a fire back therefore, have the interior décor of your home in mind. Your personal taste in terms of color will also determine your choice of a fire back.

History reveals that fire backs can be dated way back in 1460. At that time, they were basically used by the French royal. At the time, these backs were seen as luxury and were mainly confined to royalty and aristocracy. However, with time, the backs gained more popularity. Hence, they were embraced as a necessity instead of a luxury. Many people have come to appreciate their importance. In almost every home, you are likely to find a fire back.

You may wonder about what has led to the increased popularity of fire backs. The main reason is that most people have come to understand the role played by these fire accessories. A fire back will protect the backside of the fire against cracking and chipping. The main reason of having a fireplace in your house is to enhance warmth in the room. Without a fire back, the heat produced may end up being lost. However, with a fire back in place, the heat that would otherwise be lost is preserved in the house.

Usually, fire backs vary in thickness. Some are thicker than others. The efficiency of the fire back in conserving the heat will depend on its thickness. The thicker the fire back, the more it will be able to trap heat in the house. Thick fire backs have a longer and softer heat radiating effect. Besides being used in the fireplace, a fire back can be used as a splash guard for a stove or water fountain. You could also use it as a decoration on the wall.

Having a fire backs in your fireplace sets you apart. For additional information on fire backs, an explanation of what they are, the uses of fire backs, and also a detailed explanation of their functionality, visit The Fire Side Shop.