Why a Contract for Air Conditioning Service in Phoenix is a Smart Move

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Air Conditioning Contractor

It isn’t enough to find a reliable Air Conditioning Service Phoenix and place their number of speed dial. For the best results, it pays to enter into a service agreement with that service. Here are some of the reasons that make this approach worth the time and the money.

Enjoy Some Free Perks

It is not unusual for an Air Conditioning Service Phoenix to provide some basic support at no extra charge, if a service agreement is in place. The support could be in the form of one free inspection per calendar year. Perhaps the terms of the agreement allow the client a limited number of free service calls over the course of life of the contract. Thanks to these types of benefits, the agreement will begin paying for itself almost immediately.

Other Services at Deep Discounts

The homeowner will find that the terms of that contract for Air Conditioning Service Phoenix will also provide discounts on other kinds of service and support. For example, key components in the air conditioning system may need replacing at some point. Wouldn’t it be great if those parts could be purchased for 20% less than the standard price? All it would take is the failure of one major component to cover the entire annual cost of the agreement.

The discounts do not necessarily end with the purchase of components. Within the terms of the contract, there is often discounts offered on the labor involved with certain types of repairs. Depending on how long it takes to make the repair, the savings on labor could be significant.

For homeowners who do not currently have a service agreement in place, contact the team at Worlock AC & Heating Specialist. Phoenix Schedule a representative to come out and take a look at the current heating and cooling unit. After an inspection, the rep can sit down with the homeowner and go over the benefits included in the different agreements they have to offer. With a little time and thought, it will be possible to purchase an agreement that helps with the upkeep of the system and provides plenty of peace of mind.

Visit Worlock A/C Heating Specialist to get started today!

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