Wholesale Wine Glasses, The Pros & Cons

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Shopping

When buying wholesale wine glasses and other personalized glassware, there are a number of advantages as well as disadvantages.  A few of the primary advantages include:

  • “One stop” shopping when purchasing a number of similar wine glasses
  • Less expensive so breakage is not as consequential
  • Several different styles available, usually at the same price

The primary disadvantages are the quality of the glasses and the odd flaw in the manufacture as many of the glasses are seconds with minor imperfections and lastly; it may be difficult to find replacements in the future should one or more be broken.

Any wine connoisseur will tell you that half the enjoyment of drinking a fine wine can be found when the wine is gently swirled in the glass and the aroma is allowed to escape. Although this can be accomplished when using Personalized Glassware and less expensive wine glasses, the true wine lover feels that nothing but a crystal flute will provide the total experience. Many of the glasses that are available at wholesale prices may have a few imperfections in the lip which often results in small spills or dribbles.

Much of the personalized glassware that is purchased, including wine glasses is destined for use in bars, pubs and other small taverns. The owners of these establishments know that purchasing wholesale wine glasses may not satisfy the connoisseur but they do know that the bulk of their customers are happy and he is able to purchase more stock glasses with the same budget. In most cases the bar owner can purchase two or three different styles of glasses, all at a common price. For establishments of this nature, the wholesale glassware is ideal, it is heavier than the finest crystal which obviously leads to far less breakage and when a glass is broken, it is an insignificant loss.

There is little doubt that there is a place for wholesale personalized glassware and as well as hugely expensive crystal stemware. The true wine connoisseur will have a collection of glassware in his or her home which reflects the unique character of the various fine wines. Using less than the best rarely is noticeable and in many cases the customer is more than happy with glassware which has been purchased from a wholesaler.


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