Who to Call for Long Distance Semi Truck Towing

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Towing & Recovery

It’s very frustrating to break down on the side of the road. Imagine doing so in a semi or other oversized vehicle. Calling the local towing company isn’t an option in this situation, as most providers of this type don’t have the right equipment. For this reason, anyone with a large vehicle that needs to be towed must call on a company that specializes in long distance semi truck towing. Why is this the case?

Why a Specialty Provider?

The typical tow truck seen on the road is designed for passenger vehicles and cannot haul the weight of a semi or other oversized vehicle. When choosing a towing company for a commercial vehicle, the person in need of a tow requires a company that maintains a fleet of both medium and heavy-duty trucks created for this purpose.

In addition, these trucks need to have the most modern technology and equipment to ensure the vehicle being towed isn’t harmed. Furthermore, by choosing a specialty provider, the owner of the vehicle can rest assured the operator is trained to handle their vehicle properly at all times.

Types of Vehicles to Be Towed

Any type of motor vehicle can have a mechanical failure. This includes boom trucks, cranes, semis, RVs and motor coaches along with many others. Construction equipment of any type usually requires a medium or heavy duty tow truck and the same is true of trailers and containers. Choosing the right provider is crucial also to ensure the vehicle remains safe during transport.

USA Towing & Recovery can be of help when it comes to long distance semi truck towing as well as many other services needed for commercial vehicles. In addition, the company is of great assistance to those who own an RV and need a tow.

Calling the local towing company won’t work for these types of vehicles, due to their weight, but this company maintains a fleet specifically for this purpose. Don’t put an expensive vehicle at risk by calling a discount provider without the proper equipment. This company does it right the first time to protect the owner’s investment in their ride. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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