Which Type of Roof is Right for Your Oahu HI Home?


If you are thinking of putting a new roof on your home in Oahu, then you have many different choices. It is vital that you keep in mind that Oahu has a wet and humid climate when choosing your roofing materials.

Terra cotta roofing tiles offer airflow underneath the tiles so that your roof’s decking can get the air that it needs to stay dry. They are incredibly durable, with many terra cotta roofs lasting more than 50 years. An added bonus is that they are fire-resistant, so your family may have extra time to escape if your home catches on fire.

Concrete slab roofs are another great choice that you will want to talk to roof installers in Oahu HI about using. These roofs offer thermal benefits. They have repeatedly been proven to be wind resistant, and they will absorb very little water.

Another choice that you may want to consider is a metal roof as they are durable and stylish. Since they are installed with a gap between the roof decking and the metal, they help to keep your home cooler. You can find metal roofs that are very cost-effective to have installed, so be sure to talk to roof installers in Oahu HI about this option.

If you are looking for a unique option, consider a bamboo roof. They easily give off the island vibe. The materials used for these roofs are renewable. These lightweight roofs are water-resistant.

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