Which Patients Are Good Candidates for Dental Implants in Apple Valley MN?


The concept of Dental Implants in Apple Valley MN once seemed like science fiction, but placing permanent false teeth into the jawbone has increasingly become a routine procedure. The advantage over traditional false teeth and bridges is the implant acting like a natural root, providing stability while chewing and stimulating the jawbone. That stimulation is essential for preventing bone deterioration.

Dental Implants in Apple Valley MN can replace all teeth in the mouth, or can be installed individually for one missing tooth. Most patients only need replacements for one or two teeth, at least at first. They might have had one extracted when it became impossible to save due to disease or decay, or front teeth might have been knocked out in an accident. The implant allows for an entirely natural-looking false tooth with a cosmetic crown on top of the implanted rod.

Nearly all adults are good candidates for implants at a clinic such as Dakota Dental & Implant Center. Some patients will have experienced a certain level of jawbone deterioration that could spell implant failure, but an oral surgeon typically can perform bone grafting to build up the jaw. That bone loss may have occurred because of habitually smoking or chewing tobacco, or because of gum disease. The main consideration aside from this factor is the age of the patient, and that is also related to the jawbone.

Children and teenagers are significantly more likely than adults to experience a serious injury to their teeth. Children in particular have not yet developed coordination and reflexes that can prevent having teeth knocked out while roughhousing. They may fall down and fail to brace themselves with their hands. Kids and teenagers playing in rough sports also are at risk of mouth injuries. However, the jawbones of young persons are not fully formed until they are teenagers, making implants inadvisable before a certain age. This age varies by the individual, but a rule of thumb generally is a minimum age of 14 for girls and 17 for boys. The dentist will verify when the youngster is ready.