Which Malibu Treatment Programs are for You?

Drug Addiction

There are so many different addiction treatment programs available that you may find it difficult to choose the right one for you. While browsing the different choices in Malibu treatment programs you will see that there are a wide range of options for everything from detoxification to aftercare, and you may be wondering which one will work best for you.

The best way to choose a treatment program is to be well-informed about each individual option. If you contact Malibu treatment programs, a team of professionals will guide you through an assessment process. However, if you want a general idea of what each program might offer you there a few questions you will want to consider.

What Needs to be Treated?

Are you dealing with drug addiction, alcohol addiction or both? The particular type of addiction you are dealing with can narrow down your options in Malibu treatment programs. If you are dealing with drug addiction, for instance, a professional may recommend either in-house or outpatient therapy. You may need to go through a detoxification program before you can proceed to the rest of the treatment process.

Those who have completed their course of treatment and need to ease themselves back into their daily life may choose to continue through an aftercare treatment program.

Do You Have Other Issues Besides Addiction?

Drug addiction may be associated with a number of other problems. Often, it is not effective to treat one issue without treating the other because these things are interrelated and must be addressed simultaneously.

People with mental health concerns, including depression, bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, may opt for a dual diagnosis treatment. Those who have experienced major trauma may go through a highly specialized program that can help you deal with these issues.

Do You Have Other Special Needs?

Since care needs to be tailored to the needs of each client, there are other considerations that go beyond the type of admission and comorbidities.

Do you need therapy but can’t commit to stay-in Malibu treatment programs? Then an intensive outpatient program may be right for you. There are programs that allow you to continue working and living your daily life and then return to the treatment facility in the evening.

If you are a working professional who also needs special help to transition back into your job then there are professional treatment programs designed for your recovery.

You may also feel that you need intensive social support during and after treatment. In that case, you may choose one of the Malibu treatment programs that involve the family as a part of assessment, treatment and education. You can also choose a sober companion program if you want someone available to keep you on track with your sobriety.

We encourage you to investigate the selection of Malibu treatment programs if you are interested in coming to the area for help so that you can find a facility that best fits your needs. If you’re still not sure, we encourage you to consult a professional to help you determine exactly which program you need for the best results.