Where to Get Expert Legal Assistance About MSRS Retirement in Minneapolis


The great state of Minnesota provides its citizens with various beneficial retirement plans for the future. The state administers these funds designed to provide needy citizens with disability, survivor, and retirement benefits coverage. Learn where to turn to get expert legal assistance about MSRS retirement in Minneapolis.

Who Are the Beneficiaries of This MSRS Retirement Fund in MN?

These fantastic MSRS funds are set aside for state inhabitants that work on the Metropolitan Counsel, state employees in Minnesota, and a host of non-faculty University of Minnesota employees as well. The largest MSRS retirement plan is named the General Employees Retirement Plan. This plan includes the aforementioned survivor and disability benefits.

Job Positions That Qualify Employees for MSRS Retirement Eligibility

There are a number of different state employees that all work under the broad heading as state employees. The employees eligible for these claims work in most high-risk and dangerous job positions.

Examples of job positions include firefighters, police officers, state troopers, and corrections officers working in Minnesota. If these employees become injured or die as a result of their job duties, they or their surviving family members may qualify for these benefits.

This MSRS retirement benefit plan is also linked closely with PERA which stands for Public Employees Retirement Association.

Learn More Regarding MSRS Retirement for Minneapolis State Workers

This benefit and health insurance benefit coverage program is rather difficult for the average citizen to fully understand. It can help immensely to speak with an attorney familiar with MSRS.