When To Give Your Dog Rawhide Free Bones


For first-time dog owners, knowing when to provide your dog with a tasty, delicious and wholesome chew can be a bit of a question. There are some common misconceptions about when and how to use these dog chews in your dog’s daily routine, but with just a quick review, it will be easy to use them effectively for your pet.

Choose Rawhide Free Bones

Rawhide chews are still available on the market, but they are no longer considered safe dog chews by vets and animal nutritionists. Many dogs have digestive problems from consuming rawhide, which is extremely slow to digest in the body and can even lead to serious health issues such as digestive blockages.

Look for 100% rawhide free bones for dogs. Healthy, wholesome options include the use of real chicken, baked pork skin and other easily identifiable ingredients like milk and peanut butter. The addition of nutrient elements such as vitamins and minerals are also important.

After a Training Session

It is important to keep in mind that dog chews are not the same as dog treats. They are larger and provide a much longer chewing experience for the puppy or the dog.

After training is a great time to provide rawhide free bones. The dog or puppy is ready to sit down and enjoy a great tasting, long-lasting snack, and the best no-rawhide bones provide just that.

By giving these healthy bones after a training session, and only once a day, your dog or puppy has time to relax and enjoy the chewing sensation. At the same time, he or she is also stimulating the gums and scraping plaque from the teeth, an important factor in overall dental health.

These are also a great option anytime you and your dog are spending some time reading, watching television or perhaps sitting outside on a beautiful day. As they are 100% consumed, there is never a messy cleanup, and they are ideal for inside or outside enjoyment.