When To Contact A Social Security Disability Attorney


If you are disabled and unable to work, you can claim Social Security disability benefits. The process can be very frustrating; many claimants hire a Social Security disability attorney in Kansas City. There are certain benefits to having legal representation, as well as costs. The cost of an attorney is regulated by federal law and is easy to determine. You will pay your attorney either 25 percent of the past due amount you are awarded, up to a maximum of $6,000. As disability attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, little or no money is required; your attorney gets paid when you do.

The benefits of hiring a disability attorney:

There are good reasons why hiring a disability attorney makes sense. Perhaps the most important reason is the fact that your chances of approval are far better than if you elected to represent yourself. Yes, some people that go it alone are successful, but the greatest majority is not. All else being equal, those people that are represented are more likely to have their claim approved.

A Social Security disability attorney in Kansas City knows and understands the system and how best to present a case. During the preparation of the initial claim, the attorney can help determine the “onset date” of your disability and present reasons why your disability is one that meets the list of impairments in the “Blue Book,”

If the initial claim is denied, the next stage is the hearing. Your attorney will have gathered and submitted all relevant medical evidence that supports your claim, and he or she will also tutor you on what to expect when you meet with an administrative law judge, as well as vocational and medical experts that are often called in to offer their opinion.

If you are planning to claim disability benefits, the sooner you engage the services of a Social Security disability attorney in Kansas City, the better.

Your chances of being approved for benefits are much better when a Social Security disability attorney in Kansas City represents you. To discuss your claim, contact Grundy Disability Group, LLC.