When to Call Roofing Contractors in Littleton CO


If you need roof repair or if you’re just thinking about getting a new roof, you need to talk with roofing contractors in Littleton CO. They’ll be able to provide you with options for different kinds of roofing. There are many different options and price points for you to choose from. The options range from the very affordable asphalt shingles to the more expensive but more durable metal roofing options. Other roofing options include Ceramic, concrete tile, and membrane products.

Hail Damage

One of the most common reasons that someone will call a roofing company such as Advocate Construction is hail damage. Hail damage roof repair is specific to the different types of roof you might currently have installed. Asphalt shingles are very resilient because they are flexible; however, larger hail can not only damage the shingle surface, but also damage the soft metal components on the roof as well. For a metal roof, the hail can dent the roof. Those dents can be structurally compromising and may need to be repaired, especially if your roof is made of a ferrous metal. If your roof contains iron, those dents will become places where your roof can rust.

Metal roofing services in your area can help repair your roof very quickly. You should speak with professionals near you about re-roofing as opposed to roof repair.

Replacing Your Roof

If you are talking with roofing contractors close to you, you might ask them about repairing or replacing your roof. If your roof has become damaged, you might actually save some money by replacing the roof entirely. Replacing the roof will give you a clean slate that will last for many years to come. Often times, your home owners insurance can be markedly reduced by the installation of a new roof.

Roofing contractors in Littleton CO, like Advocate Construction, will tell you how long you can expect each type of roof to last. Asphalt shingles are typically rated to last about twenty five years. Metal roofs can be rated to last for about a century if they’re well-maintained by professionals.