When Should You Consult a Berwyn Divorce Lawyer?


You can go online and find scores of articles offering advice about when to consider divorce, reasons not to consider it, and all kinds of statistics relating to divorce. It is, in fact, a bit overwhelming. That can make it very difficult to know the right time to speak with a Berwyn divorce lawyer. After all, do you do it as you first consider the implications of a divorce, but before bringing it up to a spouse? Do you do it after you have decided to end the marriage? Once one or both have moved on to new romances?

The Reasons for Divorce

Because there are so many causal factors around the issue of divorce, it could seem that there is no ideal time to sit down with a Berwyn divorce lawyer, but that would be an inaccurate viewpoint or perspective. In reality, you should speak with a competent and skilled divorce lawyer as soon as you, individually, have come to the decision that your marriage is over.

Why? Because you need to understand what is ahead of you and the implications it will have on everything from your jointly held assets to your finances. It is a tremendous decision, and sometimes, by speaking with a skilled lawyer, you realize that you might be falling prey to certain behaviors, choices or even traits that push you towards a hasty divorce.

Some Interesting Statistics

This is not to say that any Berwyn divorce lawyer should be a sort of marriage counselor. Instead, it is to say that they are far more aware of some of the statistics that translate to higher divorce rates. As an example, studies done on personal attractiveness show that men and women who rate highly regarding personal attractiveness and good looks may have far less stable relationships and higher divorce rates.

One study even said that being physically attractive could also be a relational liability as it might make the individual more prone to extra-marital partners and relationships. Just being good looking can create the mental hazard of believing there are always alternatives and other partners, which threatens the stability of a marriage.

Speak With an Attorney

Will an attorney warn you about this? No, but they will be available to discuss the questions you have about your potential divorce and explain how they might help. They will offer insight into your particular situation and explain what services are available. If you have questions about a divorce in the Berwyn area, contact Gordon & Perlut, LLC for a consultation.