When Septic Systems Need Attention in Poulsbo WA

Septic System Service

If you have a septic system, then you understand the value it brings to any home or business. If designed and maintained properly, septic systems can last for a long time and provide an important and worry-free function. However, sometimes things may go wrong, and it is important to know the warning signs. Ignoring them could result in permanent damage and lead to an expensive, complete replacement of your septic system in Poulsbo WA.

Bad Odors

A full and/or faulty septic tank is likely to produce a foul odor that not only is present around the tank, but also in the home that it supports. Gases have nowhere to go in a full tank and wind up traveling through drains, showers, tubs, sinks and other areas that have some connection to the septic. This also creates a health issue as waste gases enter the lungs of the home’s occupants and visitors.

Sewage Back-Ups

In a worse-case scenario, the septic tank becomes so filled with gas, sludge and water that it completely backs up into your home’s sinks, toilets, tubs and appliances. The cleanup can be costly and include other damage.

Wastewater on Drain Field

Full tanks or broken systems can also prematurely drain wastewater into drain fields, leaving grass above them more green and lush than other areas of your property.

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