When Only Chicken Can Hit Your Spot

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La Rosa Grill is where you go when you’re craving the highest quality chicken prepared in dozens of incredible ways, with juicy, fresh side dishes and homemade cornbread to sop up the juice and every drop of flavor possible. Among chicken restaurants in NY, La Rosa is refreshingly new and unique for a variety of comforting, old fashioned reasons.

The La Rosa Grill Difference

The secret to La Rosa Grill’s chicken is simpler than you think. Thanks to the values and culinary sensibilities of the owner, Vincenzo Pugliese, La Rosa Grill keeps the entire menu straightforward, love-filled and delicious. Each dish is expertly prepared and carefully presented.

La Rosa Grill selects the highest quality chicken that is free of preservatives and hormones. Each chicken or piece is marinated in one of several in-house marinades. The chicken spends just the right amount of time cooking in an oven, rotisserie or over an open-flame grill. These processes enhance caramelization and umami, resulting in pure, simple cuts of chicken bursting with intense depth of flavor.

The La Rosa Grill Menu

La Rosa Grill’s menu is one of the most comprehensive of all chicken restaurants in NY. Naturally, there’s crispy fried chicken you can purchase alone or as part of a meal. For platters and bowls, choose between slow-roasted chicken, grilled chicken or chicken tenders.

For families and groups, there’s roast chicken available in quarter, half or whole. You can pair chicken with ribs, or enjoy your chicken with two sides and La Rosa Grill’s fantastic cornbread. Customize your family meals with a whole chicken, 1 1/2 chickens or two whole chickens. Mix it up with your choice of homemade sides, from mashed potatoes and green beans to greens, rice, mixed vegetables or mac & cheese.

There are also chicken sandwiches and wraps you can tweak to suit just about any diet. The entire menu is available for in-house enjoyment, pickup or delivery. Come taste for yourself why La Rosa Grill is one of the best chicken restaurants in NY.