What’s a Jewelry Appraisal?


Jewelry appraisals in Bernardsville NJ include a process where an expert assesses a jewelry piece and arrives at an estimation of its worth. Usually, appraised prices consider the style of the jewelry, materials used, provenance of the jewelry, and market for that kind of jewelry. There will include a variety of reasons to get jewelry appraisal services, which range from the necessity to insure an article of jewelry to the desire to price out the jewelry prior to putting it up for sale.

Who offers jewelry appraisals?

There are many ways in which individuals may ask for a jewelry appraisal. Some jewelry shops provide appraisal services, though the harm of having jewelry appraised by a jewelry shop is that the shop’s appraiser might quote a low value to those who are attempting to sell the jewelry. Also, auction houses and antique stores occasionally appraise for clients, and it also is possible to utilize an independent appraiser like our jewelry appraisals in Bernardsville NJ. Utilizing an independent jewelry appraiser often is best, because she or he will get paid only to price the jewelry, not to attempt to make a commission on the sale.

What does the appraiser need to know?

Many appraisers like to know as little as possible in regard to the jewelry they assess, in order for them to be able to form their own conclusions. A few appraisers might request permission to keep the jewelry for a while as they examine it, whereas other ones may provide an immediate appraisal. Within the process of appraisal, the jewelry is examined to decide which gems, metals, and construction methods were used. Also, the appraiser will review the piece’s quality, searching for inclusions in the gems, damage, and additional elements which may decrease the overall price. Lastly, she or he will offer an estimated cost.

As the intrinsic value of the metals and stones used in the jewelry include a definite factor, additional elements go into the price of a jewelry piece. For instance, if the stones are cut within an old-fashioned style, it may decrease the value. If the jewelry was made by a noted artist, it may increase the price. Most appraisers like our jewelry appraisals in Bernardsville NJ use a jewelry appraisal form that has a checklist for every area of the appraisal, in order for people to see a breakdown of the procedure, as well as comprehend why the jewelry is valued the way in which it is. At the completion of the appraisal, a certificate will be filled out that indicates the jewelry was appraised, and offer the appraiser’s estimate of the piece’s worth.