What You’ll Learn at Puppy Schools in Chicago


Training a puppy is not always an easy feat, with many dog owners unable to meet the goal alone. Bringing a dog to a puppy school is often the best solution, as professionals can offer guidance and tips on how best to train the dog. Puppy Schools in Chicago offer all the training a dog needs to become a well-behaved pet. Learn what to expect from these locations before enrolling a new puppy.

House Training

House training a dog so they only go to the bathroom outdoors and never inside the house is one of the most difficult parts of raising a new puppy. A puppy school offers some helpful tricks to make the process easier and ensure there are limited accidents. With their guidance, owners can have an easier time getting their new pet to go outside.


Puppies teeth just as babies do. This often leads to them bite on everything they can find, including hands of their owners. Their little sharp teeth can hurt quite a bit, so getting them to refocus their energy and efforts is the best solution. Trainers will help dog owners deal with puppy biting, so it is no longer a problem or pain.

Additional Tricks and Tips

After focusing on the two most important aspects, biting and house training, the trainers at puppy schools will take the rest of the class time to focus on some additional tricks and tips. They want to provide new owners with all the information they can on how to handle a new puppy in the home. The goal is to survive the first few weeks of a puppy’s life and ensure the dog is all set up for success as an older dog. Puppies between the ages of seven and fifteen weeks can take this course.

Puppy Schools in Chicago offer an assortment of training techniques to help owners become more familiar with how to handle their new pets. Puppies require a lot of work and training before they learn how to main proper behavior. The Chicago Canine Academy provides puppy training and additional classes. Learn more about who we are via our website.