What You Should Know About Discrimination Harassment in Springfield MA


There are many things that can make a working environment move from being slightly uncomfortable to a total nightmare. This is perhaps the reason there are laws that have been put in place to make sure that all employees are protected from any type of discrimination or harassment at the workplace. In case you feel like you have been the victim of harassment or discrimination, you should hire a lawyer for Discrimination Harassment in Springfield MA and seek justice.

Discrimination in the hiring and promotion processes

The law prohibits any discrimination based on a person’s race, gender, sexual orientation, disability and religion in the hiring process. In case you feel that you were denied a job not because you were not qualified for it, but because of any of the characteristics mentioned above, you have a right to sue an employer and get justice. The same case applies to the promotions at the work place. If for instance, you feel that you are competent to hold a certain office or perform certain tasks, but you are being overlooked because of a disability or other difference as promotions are done, you can sue for discrimination.

Harassment at the workplace

Harassment at the workplace is more common than many people would like to believe. Harassment can be verbal abuse, unwanted physical contact, unsolicited and inappropriate messages, sexual harassment, insults based on your race, gender or sexual orientation and many other related issues. When handling a possible harassment case, it is important to be cautious because you will need irrefutable claim to prove your point. At the same time, you should not be cowed into keeping quiet about harassment even if it is being done by a senior.

Disability discrimination

While the law does not prohibit workmates from making jokes about a person’s disability, it is illegal to make unwelcome, and insulting remarks based on someone’s disability.

The only way you can figure out if you have a viable Discrimination Harassment in Springfield MA case is by hiring an attorney. When they look at the evidence that you have, and the circumstances surrounding your case, they will determine the strength of your case.