What You Should Know About a Commercial Freezer Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

Refrigeration Equipment

What type of refrigeration you use for your commercial business will hinge on the type of food you prepare. Usually, if you wish to install a freezer, you need to keep your food items frozen close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, a walk-in refrigerator will keep food cold at below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, before you schedule a commercial refrigerator or freezer installation in Pittsburgh, PA, it is important to make certain distinctions. Choosing a walk-in refrigerator or freezer, also needs to be based on sizing. You need to know how much food you will be storing before deciding on a unit.

A Good Formula to Follow When Storing Food

One rule of thumb to follow for sizing a freezer installation, for instance, is to base the size on how many pounds will take up one cubic foot. In this instance, about 28 pounds of food will take up each cubic foot. If you follow this formula, one 50-pound piece of meat should cover about 1.8 cubic feet.

To choose the right refrigerator or freezer installation, you will need to carefully plan exactly what foods you will be storing and how often you receive supplies. That way, you can figure just the right sized unit for your institution’s or restaurant’s needs.

Deciding on a Walk-in Unit

To choose a walk-in unit, you will need to size the available space, including the ceiling height, and figure the extra storage space you currently need. You should also scale your needs, calculating how much extra storage space you will need as your business or the kitchen expands.

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