What You Need To Know About Wearing Braces

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Dentist

What happens after your orthodontist has made the impressions of your teeth and an appointment has been made to fit your new braces. There is a considerable amount of preparation that needs to be done by your orthodontist in Elmhurst; this may even entail extracting one or more teeth which allow for proper movement and ultimate alignment, once this prep work has been done it is time for your braces to be fitted. Having never gone through this procedure before might cause you to worry; don’t. The key to success with orthodontics is knowing what to expect from beginning to end.

Different types of braces:

The decisions were made some time ago but before your orthodontist starts, make sure you fully understand the type of braces he or she will be fitting and how they will impact your teeth and your life style. Other than for clear aligners, there are basically two types of braces, although there are differences the common denominators are wires and tiny elastic bands. It is these two components that are responsible for moving your teeth as decided by your orthodontist in Elmhurst.

  • Brackets attached to the front of your teeth
  • Brackets attached to the backside of your teeth

Your orthodontist will have chosen the type that is best suited for you. Fortunately for you, there are options that you can choose from to somewhat “personalize” the looks; there are cool colored brackets, clear brackets, and bands.

There may be a little discomfort at first:

When your braces are first fitted you can expect a little mild discomfort. Until you become accustomed to the slight pressure being exerted on your teeth, don’t hesitate to take any OTC pain reliever and eat soft foods for a day or two. After a couple of days, you will be used to your new braces, from then on in you will just have routine visits with your orthodontist in Elmhurst to tighten the braces to ensure constant pressure is being applied in the desired direction.

If your teeth are misaligned, or they are crooked, these are situations that can be dealt with by an orthodontist in Elmhurst. You are invited to arrange for n initial consultation with Oakbrook Orthodontics.

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