What You Need to Know About Geese Removal in Westerville, OH

Animal Removal

While geese are migratory birds, they have become more fixed in their habitats. This happens to be the case in Ohio where geese like to settle in wide, open fields. Some of the birds also end up settling in residential backyards. If this has happened to you and geese are invading your garden and yard, you need to find a specialist who can remove the birds.

A Major Annoyance

While Canadian geese are majestic birds, they also are aggressive. This aggression is often showcased by the males during the mating season. Because the birds can weigh as much as 24 pounds and stand as high as three feet, they definitely can become an annoyance when they have made a residential property their primary habitat.

The birds exhibit long black necks and feature a brownish-gray body and bill. To facilitate geese removal in Westerville, OH, you need to contact a company that specializes in the handling of nuisance animals. A specialist will remove the birds from your property as well as repair any damage that the avian offenders have caused.

Planning a Strategy for Removal

When this type of program is implemented, geese removal professionals use several plans of attack. Some of the methods they use include pyrotechnics (fire), hazing, or static optical scare devices. They may also scare away the birds with sound deterrent or chemical aversion compounds. In some cases, fencing is used to alter the birds’ behavior.

You can discuss your situation with a geese removal professional first and find out what he or she recommends. The company you call will only use those methods that you approve. For example, you may not want the company to use chemicals or you feel that the use of hazing may be too aggressive. Some people don’t mind these techniques as they are usually at their wits’ end trying to get the birds to leave their properties.

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