What You Can Do To Turn Your Denver Lien Into Money Right Now

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You’ve been through the stressful process of taking someone to court in order to right a wrong and get what is owed to you. Perhaps, you ended up with a judgment lien and felt the relief that came with it. However, if you thought that was the end of your troubles and that you were going to recoup your losses, then you now know that isn’t the case. Receiving a judgment isn’t the last step of the process by any means. If you’ve been given the runaround again and are tired of dealing with trying to turn your judgment into cash, then selling your judgment may just be the right way to go. And that’s where we come in. Below are some common questions we get about buying judgment liens.

Do You Pay Cash?

Yes, we can turn your judgment lien into cash right away. We will work with you to find the best payment option for your needs.

What Types of Liens Do You Buy?

We take all types of judgment liens off your hands. If you have a property lien, we can buy that from you so that you don’t have to wait years for a property to sell. We can also buy other types of liens as well.

Is There a Fee?

No, our services are completely free, and we will not charge you any fees. To learn more about how selling your judgment can make your life a whole lot easier, please visit Mayflower Judgments.