What Types Of Jobs Can You Get With A Degree In Industrial Design?


Industrial design degrees cover a wide range of areas of career fields. Any sort of product development, testing, conception and creation can be linked to industrial design. Industrial designers develop and create products then test how they perform in the consumer marketplace before mass producing the final product. In addition to engaging in hands-on projects in a variety of fields, industrial design students also develop IT skills in web design. They also study social media influence and environmental factors that impact trends and consumer-driven buying power.

With a degree in industrial design, you can work in just about any trade by manufacturing furniture, creating commercial advertising campaigns, inventing new products and services, streamlining existing technologies and performing detailed research for target markets. Other students interested in industrial design go into careers in the entertainment industry. Most video editors, graphic design specialists and product packaging artists all have degrees in industrial design. People interested in industrial design generally have an artistic overview or visions and excellent communication and research skills. They also love to deconstruct and build things, and they often have excellent IT skills. Industrial design graduates have an open market with ample career opportunities in a variety of lucrative fields. During your college career, you will establish a professional portfolio of work, hone your skills, classify a primary major or field of study and graduate from your choice of industrial design schools with confidence.

One of the most well-renowned and respected industrial design schools in the country is the School of the Art Institute of Chicago: SAIC.edu. They offer a comprehensive curriculum that is nationally recognized and accredited. Graduates are armed with the knowledge, portfolios and expertise needed to set them up for success in the real world.