What to Set Aside: Advice From a Residential Moving Service in Lubbock, Texas

Moving Services

Moving day is a hectic few hours that takes weeks to prepare for, and a few weeks to recover from once everything reaches the new location. No one wants to forget anything when they relocate, so they often pack everything early in the day to make certain it reaches the moving van. Once items go into the van it becomes difficult to pinpoint what each box contains, and this could lead to a frantic search for items. Leave out the items most commonly needed to avoid panic.

Reserve Cleaning Supplies

A Residential Moving Service in Lubbock TX considers cleaning products hazardous materials and do not allow them on their vehicles. Customers can either save these items in their vehicle, or they can throw them out as they leave. However, the products need to remain until the final cleanup takes place once all other items leave the house. Keep out for use the most important supplies.

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • A roll of paper towels
  • A garbage bag
  • Glass cleaner
  • Toilet brush
  • Broom or vacuum
  • Mop and Bucket

Have Disposable Dishware

Disposable cups, plates, and flatware come in handy after the move. Most families do not have the ambition to unpack their kitchen supplies and cook a meal at the end of the moving day. Many will also not want to sit in a restaurant. Disposable dishes will make it easy to enjoy takeout while a Residential Moving Service in Lubbock, TX brings in the remainder of the belongings.

Gather Electronic Chargers

It is almost a guarantee that any charger packed away will be the one most needed. Gather all electronic devices and all chargers and keep them in one box in a personal vehicle. Clean out the vehicle first at the new location, so everyone in the family has the gear they love the most.

Moving companies understand the common issues that arise during a residential move. Their advice can help people to avoid the types of problems so many other families experience. Their knowledge is just one of the reasons why everyone needs a moving service. Contact Byron Cowling Moving and Self Storage for more information.