What To Look For In A Top Boatyard

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Boat Trailers

Most boat owners don’t have time, tools or the know how to maintain and store their own boats. This is particularly true with the larger sailboats, power boats and yachts, so finding a top boatyard is a priority.

There are several things to look for in a boatyard. One of the first is the quality of equipment they have on hand. For example, some boatyards use old, poorly repaired yard trailers to move the boats around, while others use new self-propelled boat trailers.

You may also notice some boatyards are kept in immaculate condition, which is a sign of good management and quality care for your boat. The areas between boats are free from garbage and vegetation and the boats are level and supported, minimizing the risk of any type of damage to the boat when waiting for repair or when being stored over the off-season. Boats are not too close together and the type of boats in the yard are similar to yours.

Take a Closer Look

It is worth your time to go to the boatyard and watch the employees at work. If they are using self-propelled boat trailers check to make sure they are taking the time to carefully load and unload the boats off the trailer. Check also to make sure the loaded boat is moved carefully and with attention to correctly positioning the boat on the trailer, securing the boat before moving and completing correct procedure when leveling the boat and removing the trailer.

You will also want to ensure the boatyard has the self-propelled boat trailers, storage areas and equipment necessary to maintain and store your boat. This may be under cover or open storage, but you do want to make sure that your boat will be in the same condition when you need it again in the spring.

Storage and More

Most boatyards will offer a good range of services for all types of vessels. This can include repairs and maintenance as well as upgrades or customization. Depending on the age of your boat and if it is under warranty, you may be required to use a specific repair service which may or may not also offer storage.

If you are looking for customized upgrades in the off-season, look for a boatyard offering these types of specializations. Talk to other boat owners and even dealerships. They can often recommend quality boatyards in your area that can complete the work you need and provide storage if and when required.

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