What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer


Few people have a criminal defense attorney on speed dial in case they are arrested or charged with a crime. Because you probably don’t already know a lawyer who can defend you against criminal charges, it is important to take your time in choosing one when you need one. Though it may seem like you need to hire an attorney as quickly as possible, asking the right questions before you select a lawyer can save you a lot of time and money.

You need a lawyer who has successfully tried cases like yours. Your trusted family law attorney who handled your divorce probably won’t be very effective at defending you in your criminal case. There are definite advantages to using a local Criminal Defense Lawyer in Martinsburg WV. A lawyer who frequently works in the court house where you will have your trial is likely to know the prosecutors and the workers who staff the clerk’s office. These connections can help your case progress quickly through the system.

Many criminal defense attorneys can handle simple cases like theft or DUI. However, if your case is more complex, you need a lawyer who has the skills to either negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor or convince a jury that you should be acquitted. The cheapest lawyer is not always the best choice for someone who is in serious legal trouble. If the crime you are accused of carries a possible sentence of imprisonment, you need a Criminal Defense Lawyer who is able to do what it takes to fight for you.

Though you may qualify for a public defender, hiring a private defense attorney is often a better choice. Putting your freedom in the hands of an overworked public defender may not yield the best results. When a criminal defendant uses a public defender, they don’t have a choice in which lawyer is assigned to them and may get and though all public defenders are lawyers, they don’t all have the same number of years’ experience in the field. If cost is an issue, a Martinsburg WV Criminal Lawyer may be able to work out a payment arrangement with you. Contact Sherman Law Firm.