What To Know About Heat Treating Companies

Metal Joining

Creating metal parts and components often requires multiple processes. For most Original Equipment Manufacturers, these processes are contracted out to specialized companies along the supply chain.

Typically, metal parts and components will be formed, machined or cut and welded using a variety of different methods, largely dependent on the type of metal or alloy. Then, as a final step or sometimes as an intermediate step, the parts and components will go through one of several different options in heat treating processes.

Choosing from heat treating companies that can provide the services, quality and the turnaround times needed for production will be critical for any OEM. The higher the volume of orders and the more specialized the services required, the more important this task becomes.

Heat Treatments Offered

Look for heat treating companies that offer a wide range of heat treatment options that are used across industries. This ensures that the service has expertise and experience as well as a proven track record of performance.

Some companies provide additional services, such as a brazing and coating as well as tempering, assembling and a full range of machining and testing through to trucking services for on-schedule delivery.

Supply Chain Compatibility

As part of a supply chain, it is essential that heat treating companies are able to work with your existing supply chain. The larger companies have multiple locations across the country, which simplifies logistics and also speeds up production with decreased shipping times.

Quality and Customer Service

Not all companies that offer heat treating are as effective at providing top quality and customer service. Some companies, on the other hand, have made these two aspects of their business the hallmark of their business.

Always look for a company that is willing to customize the process to meet your needs. This will be instrumental in building a working relationship that will carry forward to future production needs.