What to Expect When You Retain Bail Bondsman Services in Pontiac

Bail Bonds

In order to secure their release from jail while awaiting a court date, a person may be required to post bail. In the event this individual and his or her family and friends cannot raise the full amount needed, Bail Bondsman Services in Pontiac may be of help. The bail bondsman provides the court with a guarantee that the full amount of the bail will be remitted in the event the defendant fails to appear for all court dates.

Information Needed by the Bail Agent

The bail bondsman must obtain information before guaranteeing the funds. He or she must know where the person is being held and his or her full name. The booking number is of great assistance at this time and will be of help in securing the defendant’s release. Finally, the bail amount must be provided to the agent.

What Happens Next?

After this information has been shared, the bondsman provides pricing options. Collateral may be allowed to secure the bond and the agent will explain other ways the process can move forward. A set fee is then given to the agent as his or her payment for their services and the collateral agreed upon s secured, typically with a lien. Once this fee has been paid, the bondsman remits a surety bond to the court and the defendant is released. When the defendant appears in court as scheduled, the fee is the only payment that must be remitted.

Should the defendant miss one or more court dates, the bail is forfeited or surrounded. The bondsman attempts to find the defendant and turn him or her over to the court. If this individual cannot be found, the person or persons who obtained the bond are then responsible for the entire amount. Any collateral that was provided to secure the bond may be claimed by the bondsman also.

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