What to Expect From Wisdom Tooth Dental Oral Surgery in Butler PA


Wisdom teeth are some of the most problematic teeth in your smile. Since they do not come in until later in your life, this gives a lot of time for them to cause problems. Often, these teeth can grow in at different angles or become impacted or even diseased. This is why so many people opt to have them removed as soon as they turn eighteen. If you are in need of having your wisdom teeth removed, this information will help to prepare you for your Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA, so you do not feel as nervous during the procedure.

Most dentists will sedate patients who are having their wisdom teeth removed. This is because dentists typically want to remove all four wisdom teeth at once, to ensure there are no problems with the procedure. Sedating you through IV will allow you to sleep while you are having your teeth pulled, so you do not experience any pain or discomfort. This allows the Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA to be much safer.

Since wisdom teeth roots vary in size and structure, the dentist will refer to X-rays to determine how your teeth should be removed. The removal process typically involves a small incision being made in your gum tissue so the dentist has full access to the inner structures of your wisdom tooth. This allows the dentist to safely remove the tooth so the surrounding structures of your mouth are protected from damage.

Once the tooth has been removed you will have dissolvable stitches put in place so your gums will properly close during the healing process. This same process will be carried out on each of your wisdom teeth and then you will be brought out of anesthesia and sent home to recuperate.

You can expect to feel some discomfort and experience swelling in your cheeks and jaws. Your dentist will help to prepare you so you know how to care for your healing mouth after the Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA. Following these instructions will help to ensure you properly heal.

If you are in need of Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA, contact Quad County Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Allow them to schedule you an appointment today so you can learn more about this procedure and how it can benefit the health of your smile.