What to Expect from a Facial in Torrance?

Medical Spa

A facial is an excellent way to take care of your skin and refresh your look. However, if you’ve never had one before, you may not know what to expect when you head to your appointment. Before you get your facial in Torrance, review these steps to learn more about what your experience will be like to avoid any surprises.

Preparing Your Skin

The first step in the process is preparing your skin to ensure optimal results from your facial in Torrance. First, your medspa specialist will cleanse your skin. Many times, they will complete this process twice to ensure your skin is clear of any oil, makeup, or other debris. In addition to cleansing, they will use an exfoliant to remove the dead cells on your skin’s surface. They will also complete an extraction process to clear out your pores and open them to get the best results.

A Facial Massage

Sometimes your facial in Torrance will include a massage of the face, neck, and upper body. This process stimulates the lymphatic system, which will ensure the effects of the facial take hold. Facials detoxify the skin and encourage new cell growth for a more vibrant, youthful appearance. When you stimulate the lymphatic system at the same time, you will enjoy enhanced effects from your facial.

Facial Application

Once your skin is clean, your pores are clear, and your lymphatic system is engaged, the medspa employee will apply the facial of your choice. Once the facial is in place, you only need to wait for the specified time before they remove the facial mask. Many people see immediate results.

If you’re thinking about getting a facial in Torrance, visit the Calabloom Medspa website to learn more about their services.