What To Expect From A Children Dentist In Oahu, HI


In Hawaii, dental professionals offer comprehensive care for children and teens. The services involve exams, cleanings, and treatments utilized to lower the chances of tooth loss and gum disease. A local Children Dentist Oahu HI offers a wide variety of services for all children including oral care education and recommendations.

A Complete Examination

All children receive a full examination once every year. The assessment determines if the child has any existing damage or conditions that may require treatment. It is recommended that parents start bringing their child in for exams as early as one year old. It is at this stage that all the baby teeth have erupted through the gums and require professional dental services.

Information About Oral Care and Hygiene

The dentist will explain the best oral care and hygiene practices to parents and children. The details help the children maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout their life. The dental professional will also show children how to brush and floss their teeth properly as they grow older.

Positive Reinforcement for Children

At the end of all checkups, the dentist provides the child with stickers, a new toothbrush, and other oral hygiene products. The rewards for a great checkup provide positive reinforcement for children and make their visit more fun. The goal is to keep children excited about oral care and hygiene. The positive reinforcement aids parents as well. Children who stay motivated about oral care experience fewer cavities and tooth damage overall.

Sedation Dentistry as Needed

Children who must undergo complex procedures receive sedation dentistry. The process involves an anesthesia that is administered prior to the procedure. The child sleeps during the treatment and won’t become anxious. The service makes it easier for the child and the dental professional.

In Hawaii, dental professionals that specialize in pediatric dentistry provide children with the building blocks of oral care and hygiene. The professionals offer services to include exams, cleanings, and repairs. The services may also include orthodontics if the child develops an alignment issue in their teen years. Parents who want to schedule an appointment with a Children Dentist Oahu HI are encouraged to contact Kidshine Pediatric Dental Group right now. You can also connect them on Facebook.