What to Eat Before Bariatric Surgery in El Paso

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If you can lose some weight prior to your bariatric surgery in El Paso, it can help reduce the fat around your liver and your abdomen. For some patients, this can mean the difference between a laparoscopic procedure rather than open surgery. In either case, it will help reduce your recovery time and make the procedure easier on your body.

Dietary Changes Before Bariatric Procedures

Not only does losing weight before bariatric surgery in El Paso keep you safer during the procedure, but it also helps you start training for a new life afterwards. Changing your diet is a lifelong journey. Your doctor can help you design a good eating plan to start on as soon as you’ve been cleared to undergo the procedure. In some instances, failing to lose a little weight beforehand can cause the procedure to be canceled or at least postponed. It’s important to start the eating plan as soon as possible.

What To Eat

To get started, you’ll probably drink a lot of protein shakes. You may consume high-protein, low-calorie foods. These will mostly be foods that are easy to digest. The additional protein helps strengthen and protect muscle tissues. This can help the body start burning fat instead of muscle for energy. Protein also keeps the body strong, which can help with recovery. By surgery time, you’ll probably be on a mostly liquid diet. Your doctor may allow some solid foods during the time leading up to bariatric surgery in El Paso. You may be able to consume fish, hot cereals and soft-boiled eggs.