What to Do After Stump Removal in Fort Myers, Florida

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The removal of a tree does not end until stump removal takes place. Stump grinding is the easiest way to rid a yard of the unsightly stump and the problems with pests or new tree growth that could take place. After removal, the homeowner will need to manage the soil concerns and the hole left behind.

Manage the Roots

Stump Removal in Fort Myers FL will not remove the roots. Decayed roots can cause mushroom growth and create dips as the roots rot away underground. Old roots can also interfere with the root growth of a new tree planted in the same spot. Homeowners should pull out and cut as many roots as possible before they fill in the home.

Remove Wood Chips

Wood chips sometimes remain after stump grinding. The chips need a lot of nitrogen to decompose and this could rob the soil of the nutrients the grass or flowers need to grow. Rake or dig to remove as many of the wood chips as possible before adding any new soil.

Test the Soil

Grass needs a soil pH level of about 6.5 – 7.0. Trees often raise the acidity of the soil and lower the pH level. The age and size of the tree will affect how acidic the soil surrounding the stump becomes. Limestone will help to restore the soil for healthy tree growth. Test the soil before the addition of limestone to adjust the amount needed for the best result.

Add Some Rocks

A large hole left after a Stump Removal in Fort Myers FL could need a lot of soil to fill. As the soil compacts, the surface will sink. The addition of rocks reduces how much soil it takes to fill the hole. Rocks also do not decay or compact so they help to reduce the risk of the surface settling into a depression.

Stump grinding is often a better option than stump removal because it is less invasive to the landscape. However, grinding does leave behind some issues that need correction before homeowners can seed their lawn or plant another tree. Learn more about stump removal options and About johnsonstreeservices.com before you begin.