What to Dispose of With a Rolloff Service in Rochester, MN

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Recycling

If you are ready to begin a big renovation project, you are probably going to have an enormous amount of garbage that needs to be hauled away. There is no doubt that the easiest way to clean up any job site is with a Rolloff Service in Rochester MN. When you rent a dumpster, you will be able to save yourself time, effort and keep the site much more organized.

Many waste products can be disposed of in a dumpster, but not everything is allowed. Additionally, there are some things that are just not sensible to dispose of in this manner. Throwing away the wrong items can substantially raise your bill or the company may require you to remove the restricted materials before they will remove the dumpster.

The types of debris which should be avoided are natural items which can be easily recycled, including brush, dirt and sod. These will fill up the dumpster quickly and are an added expense which is often unnecessary. Heavy items like concrete, brick or stone are also not a good idea because dumpster fees are often based on weight and these will increase the weight greatly.

Forbidden items include flammable and explosive materials as well as toxic chemicals. This can be products like household cleaning chemicals, wet paint and fireworks. Each rolloff service in Rochester MN will have slightly different restrictions and policies in place. Some will not accept items like computers, televisions and household appliances while others will accept them, but charge an additional free. Automotive batteries and hazardous materials like asbestos are also forbidden, and often prohibited by law to be disposed on in a dumpster.

When you are ready to begin your renovation, call a rolloff service. They can help you to choose the right size container for the job and give you an estimate before they deliver. At the time of your rental, request a list of the items they do not accept. If you are working on a larger residential or commercial project, discuss with them the possibility of hiring smaller rolloff containers to allow you to sort items by waste, scrap metal and other recyclable materials.

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