What To Consider In The Construction Of A Lead Vault

Industrial Equipment

For the safe containment and storage of radioactive materials, the use of a lead cave, which is also known as a vault, is the best option for most applications. This is a specially designed, self-contained chest, box or irregularly shaped vault that can be custom built to match the shape, capacity, and size required.

When planning a lead vault, there are several different factors to consider. The most important will be the size and shape of the vault you wish to create. While it is possible to build these vaults with flat, smooth sided lead bricks, the use of interlocking bricks adds stability and durability. It is critical to carefully consider the construction to ensure the final design is stable and safe based on the size and shape.

Working With Experienced Designers

A smart decision and one that ensures all the various bricks required to create the lead vault will be correctly ordered is to use a lead supply company that offers design services.

As these companies are familiar with the standards required as well as structural stability based on the dimensions required, there is no risk of an incorrect order or design elements that create a delay in the process.

Importance of Powder Coat

Many of the companies offering lead bricks and custom design support can provide additional services for the bricks for the lead vault. For safety in handling the bricks during the construction of the vault or cave as well as for future contact with the bricks, powder coating is recommended.

Look for companies that have in-house powder coating services to lower costs and speed up the turnaround time on orders. The small amount of additional cost for this service, as well as the engineering and design support, can help ensure the final product is made safe and durable.