What Should Small Business Owners Know About Computer Networking in Plainfield IN?


Small business owners sometimes have a difficult time being able to set up their computer networking in Plainfield IN. The foundation of any computer network involves a series of switches and routers, depending on the size of the network needed. It is important small business owners gain a clear understanding of what they can expect and how their network should be set up in the process.

The Difference Between Switches and Routers

Before a small business owner even starts the process of seeking computer networking in Plainfield IN, they need to be fully aware of the differences between switches and routers. Having an understanding of these differences will assist them in setting up their network appropriately.

  • A switch connects multiple electronic devices on the same network. There may be a series of computers, laptops, printers, and other devices that will be joined to the same network. It would be impossible to create a small business network without switches to tie in all of the electronic devices being used in the company.
  • Routers help to connect different networks together so they are all able to work as one. It is wise for a small business owner to have at least two routers, depending on the size of their business and the building. Buildings with multiple floors may need more than one or two routers installed.

What Should Owners Know?

There are a few things small business owners should know before they start the process of setting up their computer network. The following helpful tips should assist owners in starting the process.

  • It is wise to purchase business-grade routers and switches, as these will offer a higher level of performance.
  • Most small business owners will want to have a network that will be able to increase in size as their business grows.
  • If needed, there is professional help for setting up computer networks.

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