What Matters In EMI Test Equipment


There are many different options in EMI (electromagnetic interference) testing equipment. Finding the correct system or device to complete your testing needs is largely a part of the specific testing parameters required and the specifications the component, device or application requires.

However, even within these factors, there can be multiple options in EMI test equipment that meet all the requirements and specifications. In these situations, choosing between the different options is often a factor of user comfort or experience with the equipment or based on the additional feature or functionality of one device over another.

Testing Standards

Most of the top of the line EMI test equipment is set up to provide international, national and manufacturers’ standards. This can also include the most up to date IEC and EN standards. Many of the testers also provide the option for CE mark testing, which includes a combination of different testing parameters.

Ability to Add Testing Capability

There are a few of the systems that are designed with a modular type of structure. This means that the system can be designed for basic testing and then use additional modules for advanced types of testing.

With these systems, the modules are usually installed through the system without the need to recalibrate the entire system. Some of these systems even allow for the testing parameters to be changed at any time, even when the test is currently running.

Latest in Technology

Another consideration is the integration of technology to create intuitive and user-friendly systems. These can include touch screens, fully configured displays based on the specific test as well as easy control with integrated keyboards and controllers for full management of the test simple, streamlined and efficient.

As there are always new options in EMI test equipment, many labs and facilities choose to rent the devices before making a purchase. This gives the opportunity for a real-world test of the systems under consideration before making the critical final choice.