What Kinds of Pests Can A Pest Control Service in Jackson NJ Handle?

Pest Control

Freehold Pest Control is a family-run business that has existed for over 30 years. It is registered with the Department of Environmental Protection.

What Services Are Available in Jackson NJ?

Pest control services in Jackson NJ include inspections and customized treatment plans. Professionals will visit every four months to make certain the pests don’t return. Freehold Pest Control provides services to both residences and businesses, and they offer interior protection, exterior protection, or both.

The pest control professionals can tackle a variety of pests including termites, roaches, centipedes, bedbugs, and ants. They also remove animals like mice, bats, and birds.

Why Are Weasels Considered Pests?

Weasels are small carnivorous animals that are related to skunks, ferrets, and otters. They like to steal and eat eggs, which makes them a problem for poultry farmers.

As mammals, weasels can carry rabies. Weasels’ mouths contain a variety of bacteria, which means their bites can cause infections.

Swedish veterinarians found an aggressive strain of bird flu in a weasel relative called the mink. Weasels may thus also carry and transmit bird flu.

What Are Powderpost Beetles?

Powderpost beetles are actually several species of insect that can convert wood into a fine powder that resembles flour. Their ability to damage seasoned wood is second only to that of the termite.

Powderpost beetles have a years-long larval stage, and it’s the larvae that live in, eat, and destroy wood. When the adult beetle emerges, it will leave a round hole in the wood. Female beetles lay their eggs in the wood – and keep the destruction going for another generation.

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